(Afrikaanse weergawe)


Easy to use.  . LyriX is easily and instinctively used by any Microsoft Windows user.

LyriX understands how songs work.  Most systems simply handle songs as text, or as presentation graphics. A song may consist of many parts, including an introduction, verses, choruses and bridges. Because LyriX understands this structure, it allows the operator to manage songs more efficiently. The operator sees the song exactly as it will be used, and can instantly present the parts of a song in any sequence.

More than just songs.  LyriX handles sermon notes and announcements with equal ease. The spelling checker can check text in a moment. English and Afrikaans dictionaries are pre-installed, and several others (including Dutch, German, French and Spanish) are available. LyriX can alternate two or more announcements, even while the operator is doing something else.

Powerful search functions.  Look for a song by title, first line, content, theme, language, scripture reference, author or any combination. Preparation is easy, as is adapting to changes of plan during the service.


Standalone program.  Only LyriX need be installed on your Windows computer to control your combination of displays.

Multiple video outputs.  One operator can easily control several video screens and display boards simultaneously. LyriX can use each display to full advantage, with different text and graphics on different screens. Worship leaders, musicians, mothers in the babies’ room and the congregation could all see different things. Attributes such as colour scheme, screen layout and font choice can be stored separately for each display.

Flexible video and printed appearance.  The user can change the look of video and paper versions at will. Many different styles can be created for different audiences.

Statistics of songs sung.  LyriX logs each song that is displayed or printed. CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) usage reports can be compiled effortlessly.

Much more...  These functions are just the beginning. LyriX has an extended help system, and can be used with mouse or keyboard, with flexible key assignments. Several users can install LyriX at the church and at home, under a single licence, allowing pastors and worship leaders to prepare songs and notes in advance. Songs can easily be exchanged with other software systems.


There is a LyriX version for you.  Regardless of the extent of complexity of your requirements, there is a version of LyriX for you. LyriX SoloTM is ideal for congregations, groups and musicians who use transparent slides and want to sort, store and print their songs. LyriX MinorTM extends Solo for LED display boards. LyriX NaturalTM also allows video outputs (like TV screens or projectors), with entry-level video features. LyriX FortéTM adds multi-media, powerful video manipulation and formatting functions, to make your video a real treat!.

Number One.  LyriX continues to expand and improve. Updates are distributed by mail or the Internet. Support is available through the Internet, and on-site assistance can be organised throughout South Africa. A fully functional demo version is available on request.

Continuously Growing.  Many of the functions we envisage have already been placed on the wish list for future releases.  We are committed to continue to improve the system, and will evaluate all user inputs for inclusion.